In Company


What is the cost of our training courses?

In-company programmes are the most cost-effective way to up-skill and motivate your team and are designed specifically to meet the needs of your team and align with your business goals. With in-company training we bring our training programmes to you!

Delivered at your premises our expert team can design, develop and deliver courses which meet the specific requirements of your company. You can create your own programme by tailoring elements from existing workshops to reflect your company culture and industry, or we can start from scratch and work with you to design your own.

This option is perfect if you have a number of staff that need training, or you require very specific outcomes from the training. It also means location and time are flexible and arranged around your business needs.

Other Services

Have a problem or feel that your business and its people could plan or perform better? We are here to provide the right solution for you as our highly experienced SPM Solutions team also deliver a range of in-company services including:

  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring
  • Team development from frontline to executive teams
  • Consulting services related to strategic and business panning, leadership development, change management, financial advice, continuous improvement and project management.

Take the time to look at our consultant profiles to see our specific areas of expertise and broad experience that can add value to your business. It will only take a minute but could be the solution you have been looking for.